Match It !

Description of the game
Match It! is a series of five memory games for children 3 to 8 years old. These educational games aim to help children enrich their vocabulary while practicing their memory skills.

The purpose of the game is to find pairs of images. Each time the game is played, the images are in a different order. There are five themes and each theme has four levels of difficulty. The first three levels consist of 12, 18 and 26 squares in which the student must find pairs of identical images. On the fourth level, the student has to associate the image with the corresponding written word. When the student discovers a pair of images, the corresponding word is spoken by the computer.

The illustrations of the game are based on drawings by 10 year old children. The vocabulary is spoken by a variety of children’s voices.

Themes in volume 1 :

Themes in volume 2 :
fruits and vegetables

Launching the game
The game starts with a musical animation that can be skipped by clicking the mouse or by pressing the space bar.
Level selection
Theme selection
Teaching objectives
- Practice visual memory with the help of attractive illustrations
- Acquire vocabulary by associating the image with the spoken word
- Encourage reading by associating the image with the written word
- Stimulate the interest of the student through increasing levels of difficulty